Rest in Peace My Queen, GOGO VENGY, You unforgettable


As we celebrate her life, I must admit this is the biggest pain and motivation to take my grandmothers legacy to greater heights, this is the beginning. The humanitarian of 2018 was raised and taught by Vengy. You should never mourn an Icon, you celebrate them for elevation and drive for your continued journey on earth. Rest in Power – GOGO VENGY, she lived until 80 years and she achieved so much during her walk on this earth, her destiny is truly fulfilled.

Exodus chapter 33 verse 19-27. I will never forget this.

Dear Gran,

I served all your guests the way you taught me how to, I mixed juice the way you taught me how to.  I never imagined the day I’d be sitting in this kitchen without you would come so soon.

Do you know what you meant to me, you were my strength and you still are, I just wish I recorded your voice because I know I will never hear it again.

I remember sitting in your living room and our last conversation and the last snapshot of you clear as day. I always looked forward to sleeping over by you, and how you treated me like your Queen, we discussed the future, values and what God has planned and how I need to keep pushing to be a great example of your teachings.

No one could ever understand our relationship because I used to come alone to be with you and Mkhulu. Please save me a seat in heaven because I know that’s where you are.

No one has ever truly understood me the way you have. As much as I know you were strict I was the most open with you because you never judged me but you guided me. Mark 4: 3- I have never cried so much in my life.

My Tribute to the Matriarch, Granny Taganrog Vengie Habile

On the 29th Of November, 2018 was the last time I heard her wise words, laughter, and her BEAUTIFUL VOCAL CORDS.

Within her pain she still sang to me and told me I’m taking too long she can’t wait any longer to hold my first born child, as I’m the only girl out of her 18 grandchildren who doesn’t have a child. Amongst my maternal family it became an inside joke when she would fall sick, something like “no gran you can’t not now remember the promise lol”.

It was my inner dream that GOGO VENGY would not leave this earth without holding my first born. On our last phone call it was as if she sang her own remix – it was a way of her telling me she can’t wait any longer, that she is in pain and tired, she wanted me to know that it is time for her to rest, without being straight forward, the way we all know her.

I was taken by surprise as I could hear how weak she was but because of her longingness to sing to me almost always she continued, either way. GOGO VENGY, our Matriarch was limitless despite her condition at all times.

My name is Tshepiso Lerato Phosa, the grand daughter of Granny V.

My grandmother and I had our own unique and special relationship, as much as she was known for her strict and firm hand, I never felt it, I believe we had a dynamic understanding.

I understood from a young age that she always wanted the best for all of us, it only took a wise soul to just listen with understanding. I recall the weekends I’d go away and my parents would realize I’m at her house more often than they thought, my mother would call numerous times to check what are we up to and she would keep reminding me that my grandmother is old I should not be taking her to the mall and too many places as much as my granny would insist we travel,have time out and our own fun.we would tell mother and most people to give us our space because when we were together we were making plans, she was sharing experiences, and discussing my journey within life at such a deep level that only her and I understood.

I must be honest she is the only person before my father and mother who understood me without me having to say anything, she understood me most.

I will miss you so much Granny and your surprise FaceTime calls in the evenings, Wow granny you were truly full of still yet to find who taught you how?

Granny V I want to thank you for putting a smile on my face almost daily and for emphasizing the importance of integrity, love, respect, humbleness and most importantly thank you for raising my mother into such a phenomenal mother. Thank you for sharing with my mother the importance of giving back, feeding & building the community. When I do my charity work at the age of 27 people ask me why such a strong passion, I said it’s because I believe in Gods Work through me as a vessel that he uses and it is YOU GRANNY V and Mom who taught me to have the heart, patience, and ability to continue your legacy of serving the community and our country’s people.

Because of YOU GRANNY V, I believe in being ‘The Difference’ in the community, society, and the workplace. It’s not about age it’s about character as you would say.

Most importantly you taught me to be bold and to stand firm for what is right no matter what the circumstances will be. You taught me to be BOLD but as much as I need to celebrate your life I feel a very sharp pain, because I know I will never hear your voice again. It’s the boldness you instilled in me that helps me stand tall even today despite my sharpest pain.

I refuse to say goodbye Granny I would rather say see you when I’ve fulfilled my destiny and taken your legacy to greater heights along with my other cousins, My Queen.

You were the best human being I’ve ever known. Enjoy your Beautiful seat in heaven, I know the angels are still singing next to you and I know you singing with them because you have truly fulfilled your destiny. I will always love you.

Rest in Peace My Queen, GOGO VENGY, You unforgettable.



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