Who Is Tshepiso Phosa

Tshepiso Phosa is passionate young woman who believes in being the difference in her community,industry and country.She believes in changing peoples lives through her own Expirience’s in life with regards to business,social and spiritual encounters.She is known to be the youngest woman trading in the Puma energy space,With Expirience of six Tshepiso Phosa -Founder Of the petroleum company Milviforce Puma Nelspruit, for 6 years ,MobiGo solutions, The First Woman in history to be appointed on the Mpumalanga iCollege Rugby -(she oversees the marketing ,Public relations CSI of the Rugby Team, she has 2 orphanages Feeding &uplifing 426 children,Recently the youngest Woman to have won 3awards at the SWA Sunrise Awards ,The Humanitarian award,2nd was Medium business award &one award was handed to her for her company MoBIGO,She believes she is the Promise Of God and that hard work and determination is the only key towards a successful journey in life.She is a game changer and fueled by passion

Why my presentations are of relevance and importance (PETROLEUM)

I believe that their relvant purely for the fact that their authentic.My life Expirience as a “typical political baby” has taught me that it’s important to fight for your own identity and to stand up for what you believe in.My painful experience are real and relate to a lot of Woman who are afraid to speak up because of their fear to embrace pain,I address that in various ways and encourage people to transform their pain into power.I don’t just address my weaknesses but I address how to find a solution no matter what.I address how it does not matter what today looks like and what people assume you cannot do but rather showing people that anything is possible with the power of their minds.

How i describe my delivery style

My delivery is from the heart,harsh and straight forward but very sincere and genuine

What makes me different

I’m not a typical political Baby, I have three of my own independent companies at the age of 27,owned by myself.My family Hun I honour and respect but do not depend on it because it’s crucial to always work hard and to stay dedicated,Most importantly it’s crucial to be the difference as an individual in my community&various industries therefore I don’t just talk the talk,I work in reverse with regards,I walk it and then I share it with the world through through conversations to indirectly insist that if I am able to do it as an individual than an organization is more than capable.

Why you should use me and when you should do so

You should use me when you want to trade with regard to petroleum both retail and wholes sailing.You should use me when you are trying to put together a charity project or when you need a Media and production team to rent out drones,provide you with E-Learning services,3D videos or animation.You should use me when you want to motivate and uplift the youth of South Africa.